Pacific Northwest Kennels is pleased to offer many options for all of your dog training needs! Our goal is to help you build a strong working relationship with your dog allowing you more freedom and a better overall life together. We are pleased to offer both indoor and outdoor training spaces to suit your needs.

Our training director Jaime Kinna has over 20 years experience working with dogs. Check out her impressive resume.

We offer a variety of training services for all of your needs! Our group classes are limited to 6 dogs per class and will teach you obedience skills of all levels in a controlled setting. Our private one-on-one coaching sessions are catered specifically to you and your dog's needs! We focus on positive reinforcement techniques to help you build a strong working relationship with your dog while you both have fun!

Group Classes

Level 1 - Puppy Preschool

This 6 week program has been designed for puppies up to 5 months for medium and large breed dogs, and up to 8 months for smaller breeds.

This is where your adventure begins! We are experts in raising puppies for both work and as wonderful family companions. This is perhaps our most important class, this program will give you the skills to start your puppy on the right path to becoming a well behaved and adjusted adult dog.

During this program we will cover:

  • basic manners (leave it and take it, sit, wait)
  • socialization and conditioning techniques with dogs people and new objects
  • focusing when asked
  • recall foundations
  • tips for jumping, mouthing, house training and more!

Cost: $175 +tax

Contact us to register and reserve your spot!

Level 2 - Foundation Manners & Skills

This program has been developed for dogs 6 months and older. We will talk about many 'teenage doggy issues' and help you tackle common problems while teaching you control techniques and obedience skills that will last a lifetime.

One of our most popular classes, the foundation skills and manners program is a must for anyone who wants to have reliable obedience both on and off leash.

During this program we will cover:

  • walking on a loose leash and leash manners
  • appropriate greetings with people
  • appropriate dog play, what is it? how do we know?
  • come when called (recall tricks and techniques)
  • focus around distraction
  • sit, down and stay proofing
  • targeting

Cost: $175 +tax

Contact us to register and reserve your spot!

Level 3 - Basic & Beyond

During our 6 weeks together we will strengthen your foundation obedience skills and set you up to see success when faced with real world distractions by teaching you how to proof your obedience skills and how to successfully use distractions to your advantage during your training. This class is tried tested and true and is a must for anyone who wants a reliable and obedience companion!

During this program we will cover:

  • sit and down stays with conflict
  • formal recall
  • formal heel and heel to position
  • down and sit work from a distance
  • 'finish' work
  • stand stay
  • focus proofing
  • back up on cue

Cost: $175 +tax

Contact us to register and reserve your spot!

Specialty Classes

The Nose Knows: Scent Work Basics

Scent work is not only becoming more popular but is a fantastic way to provide an outlet and job for your dog all while building a bond and strengthening your working relationship.

During this program we will cover:

  • how the dog's nose works and the importance of this in any training
  • teaching your dog to search for odor
  • teaching you how to read your dog's body language
  • working on your handling skills and teamwork
  • starting search pattern training

Cost: $175 +tax

Contact us to register and reserve your spot!

Agility Foundations

Have you ever wanted to give agility a try with your dog? Now is your chance! Our agility foundations course is designed for those new to the sport who want to give it a try and have fun with their dog. Agility is a great confidence builder for your dog and a great way to tire them out.

By the end of this program you will be running a timed course with your dog!

During this program we will cover:

  • targeting and focus on handler
  • introduction to common equipment (tunnel, A frame, dog walk, table, weave poles, and more!)
  • common problem solving tips and techniques for each piece of equipment

Cost: $175 +tax

Contact us to register and reserve your spot!

Seminars & Clinics

Reliable Recall Clinic

Want a dog who comes when called? Our Reliable Recall working seminar has been designed to teach you tricks and tips to help form a reliable recall in your dog the first time you call them!

You will have a chance to practice your new skills with your dog during the seminar and ask questions!

Next Clinic: Saturday, February 3rd 10am-12pm

Cost: $60 for 2 hour clinic

Private Training

One-On-One Coaching Sessions

Our private sessions are one hour in length and are perfect for:

  • people who have just brought a new puppy or dog home and want to get off on the right paw!
  • people with busy schedules who cant make a group class but want to work on obedience skills and or manners
  • people who are dealing with behavior problems (separation anxiety, destructive behavior, leash manners, house soiling and more)
  • people who are dealing with any sort of reactive behavior or aggression
  • specialty training (tricks, protection training, sport training, competitive obedience)

Cost: $80/hr +tax, $100/hr +tax for our reactivity specialist

Contact us to register and reserve your spot!

Rally Obedience

Introduction To Rally Obedience

Rally Obedience is a great way to utilize your obedience skills in a fun and exciting way. This introduction course is designed to prepare you for the Novice level CARO Rally Competitions (Canadian Association of Rally Obedience). Bond with your dog through this great class!

During this program we will cover:

  • the rules of CARO Rally (including scoring)
  • what the signs are that you need to compete at a novice level
  • Obedience skills your dog needs to successfully complete a course
  • teaching your dog how to work through an entire course with you and stay focused
  • how to walk a novice course and know what to do at each station

Cost: $175 +tax

Contact us to register and reserve your spot!

Training Rates

Note: Prices do not include tax

$175 Puppy Preschool

$175 Foundation Manners

$175 Basic & Beyond

$175 The Nose Knows

$175 Agility Foundations