Meet The Team

Eddy MacVeigh

Eddy MacVeigh

Owner & President

Eddy has always loved and lived with a variety of animals. Dogs have always been a part of his life since a young age.

In 2001 Eddy joined one of Western Canada's largest security contract providers where he was given the opportunity to work and eventually train service dogs in protection and detection across North America. He started handling canine patrol dogs and this work enabled him further develop his skills eventually earning him a place in the units canine explosive detection program.

The following years provided Eddy with an abundance of working dog experience leading many canine teams through JIBC K9 detection and K9 patrol validations.

He has provided expertise and leadership to groups in explosive detection, narcotics detection, and canine patrol training. Eddy is fortunate enough to have developed lifelong relationships with some of the world's top service dog professionals and continues to grow his knowledge base.


  • Introduction of security companies first single purpose explosive detection dog
  • Introduction of security companies first single purpose narcotic detection dog
  • Government Validated Canine Explosive Detection Handler - JIBC
  • Government Validated Canine Narcotic Detection Handler - JIBC
  • Government Validated Canine Protection Handler -JIBC
  • Explosive Familiarization Certificate - Canadian Police College
  • Emergency Field K9 First Aid - PNWPDDA
  • Certification through the International Association Of Bomb Technicians and Investigators
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Jaime Kinna

Jaime Kinna

Manager, Training

Jaime has always had a love and understanding of all animals, but a special place in her heart has always belonged to dogs. She has been professionally training and handling all breeds and temperaments of dogs since 1998. Jaime took her love of dogs to the next level in 1999 and became a Certified Master Dog Trainer, attending Canada West Canine Centre and graduating among the top in her class. She attends ongoing seminars and is constantly updating her education to broaden her knowledge as she believes you never stop learning when working with animals.

Jaime has experience competing in CKC obedience and conformation and has earned titles on several breeds of dogs. She has trained and handled dogs for television and major motion pictures. Her own dog Atty has obtained her IPO BH title, PSA PDC-SD title and is a validated patrol and narcotic detection K9. Jaime is a validated explosive detection K9 handler, validated narcotics detection K9 handler and a validated security patrol K9 handler.

Jaime shares her life with Frodo (Yorkie x Chihuahua), Atty (Belgian Malinois), Dozer (Pitty x), Guinness (GSD x ACD), Teddy (all Canadian mutt!), Jake (senior super shelter kitty extraordinaire), her 2 wonderful step children, Hannah and Ethan, and partner Lee. She is passionate about her work and it shows each time she picks up a leash.


  • Owner and Head Instructor - Good Dog Academy Inc.
  • Senior Trainer - Good Dog Wellness Inc. - obedience training and behaviour problem solving at all levels
  • Diploma in Canine Behavioral Science and Technology (Dip CBST). For more information about this rigorous two year program, click here.
  • CCPDT - KA - independent certification body measuring range of knowledge and skills in ethology, learning theory, dog training technique and instruction.
  • Certified Master Dog Trainer - Canada West Canine Center
  • Court qualified expert in the assessment and rehabilitation of aggressive dogs: 2013 - ongoing
  • DogSafe Canine First Aid Level 1 and Level 2
  • Director of Vancouver PSA - Dog Sport Club
  • CKC Canine Good Neighbor Evaluator
  • Consultant, trainer and behavior technologist
  • Police Dog Training Centre Certified - Florida by IFRI/NFSTC standards
  • Animal Behavior and Training Associates Inc. Certified
  • Licensed Be a Tree Presenter: The Be a Tree program is a dog bite prevention seminar program for school aged children. This program focuses on fun and interactive activities to teach children how to read dog body language and how to act safely around their own dog and dogs they don’t know.
  • Graduate of Karen Pryor's Shelter Training and Enrichment Program
  • Currently offers shelter dog assessments and teaches dog safety and body language seminars for animal shelter staff
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